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White Ranch and a dear leg.

Did a MTB ride at White Ranch yesterday.  I like white ranch because it has lots of different terrain and I’m always whipped out after a ride there.  This session was no exception.   The trails are starting to melt off and I was able to get into a lot of single track.

I rode to the top of Belcher Hill Trail from the bottom parking lot and out to the Norther most part of the park on Rawhide.   On the way back on Rawhide I rode the Maverick singletrack back to Belcher Hill Trail then back up to the top of Belcher Hill singletrack and all the way down Mustang.

On the Mustang, there was a dear leg in the middle of the trail.  there was still some dried blood on bone.  I’m guessing some mountain lion got to it within the last couple of days.  I didn’t see any other carcass, so either it was buried somewhere near by, or dragged off to feed it’s young.

After Mustang I headed back down the fast and steep Belcher Hill Trail to finish with 2:10 and almost 3500 ft of total ascent.

The temp was perfect around 60, and very little wind.

I’m taking a day off to recover from last couple of sessions.

White Ranch

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