Tips For Cycling in Inclement Weather

Cycling is one of the healthiest and greenest ways to travel, but unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always take our commute into consideration. Cycling can be a great way to travel regardless of the weather, but only if you plan ahead. Here are some top tips for cycling in bad weather. In the Rain Lighten up: […]

Apple Watch for Tracking HRV, Resting Heart Rate and Sleep

The Apple Watch is recording a lot of great information for workouts and rest data, such as sleep, HRV and Resting Heart Rate.  I’ve been using the Apple Watch to record my non-cycling workouts and tracking HRV, Resting Heart Rate and sleep.  This is a valuable information for a coach.  It shows how your body […]

triathlon coaching

Now Offering Triathlon Coaching

MTBCoach is pleased to announce the addition of Triathlon coaching to our list of coaching services. Our Triathlon Coaching service is perfect for the new or experienced triathlete.  Our program offers coaching for Sprint, Olympic, half Ironman and Full Ironman distances and XTERRA.  Whether you are looking to compete in your first event, get a new […]

Mountain Bike Racing at High Altitude and the Effect on the Body

If your coach has not prepared you for high altitude bike racing, then knowing the effects of altitude can help you with race day preparation. The effects of high altitude are well known and considerable. After our bodies reach around 7,000 feet above sea level, the saturation of oxyhemoglobin begins to plummet, this is known as hypoxia. […]

How to Train and Race with a Cycle Computer

Using  a cycle computer during your rides is an fun way to see how many miles you did,  how many calories you burned, or uploading to Strava see your route and KOMs.   Understanding how to train and race with a cycle computer will help you meet your goals and improve your performance. Many cycle computers […]

MTBCoach Official Training Partner for Warriors Cycling Events

We are excited to announce that MTBCoach is the official training partner for Warriors Cycling events.  Warriors Cycling promotes premier off road endurance and ultra endurance races in Colorado.  MTBCoach will provide coaching, training plans, nutrition guidance and race preparation for Warriors Cycling events. Breck 100 The test is waiting for you on Saturday July 29th. Featuring a sprawling course […]

Why Train With Power?

You’ve been training for years with heart rate and you’ve been successful. You have reached your goals and been confident in your training plans. So why would you want to start training with power? What is all the fuss about power meters? And why should you put it at the top of your holiday gift […]

Nutrition for Endurance Training and Racing

Nutrition for Endurance Training and Racing

Proper nutrition for endurance training and racing is critical to achieving your training, racing and recovery goals.   There are many foods you can eat to help you perform at your best and keep you energized and ready to train.   Nutrition for endurance training and racing is not easy and takes practice to get it […]

MTB Base Training

Base Training Does Not Have to Mean Boring

As fall and winter draw near often so does the prospect on hanging up the racing cleats and heading into transition and base phases of your annual training plan. Maybe you are already starting to dream as I am of racing The Growler, a 64 mile mountain bike epic that takes place on May 28th, […]