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MTBCoach and Infinit Nutrition is now offering a 10% discount on all Infinit Nutrition products.   This includes the custom and stock blends as well as Mud and Recovery drinks.   I’ve been using the Infinit custom blend for a couple of years, read my review. I’m currently using Infinit for 100% of my training and racing fuel.  Feel free to ask me any questions about the product.  Read more about the product in Infinit Nutrition 101

Use discount code: MTB23 during checkout for a 15% discount.

I’ve used these drinks for events ranging from XC to 24hr solo .

  • The MTB Coach Custom Blend – 290 cal with Total Carb 69g (including sugar 13),  protein 3-5g, 12g BCAA’s.
    I use this for training and racing anything over two hours and as long as 24hr Solo.  The flavor is really light.  You can remove protein and caffeine and change the flavor.  I don’t recommend changing other values of the formula.  You can have your own custom blend made by contacting Infinit Nutrition directly.   If you remove protein, you’ll want to eat solid food with a little protein every 3hrs.
  • Stock formulas
    • Go Far 3+ hrs
    • Speed Up to 2hrs intense racing or training
    • Hydrate – 1 serving every hour,
    • Repair – Recovery Formula
    • Mud – Pre-training Formula.

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