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Training by a zone will help you focus more on your workout then on your heart rate or power values.   Many workout devices allow you to set your zones, and display that with or without your heart rate/wattage values.  For me, it’s easier to see what zone I’m in instead of the heart rate/wattage number.   Without the zone, you’ll have to calculate this while you are doing your workout.  Here is how I setup my cycle computer for training and racing.

The workouts in my training plans reference zones instead of Heart Rate or Wattage numbers.   After you have done your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate or FTP Test (Field Test), you can use this Zone Calculator get your training zones.

30 min avg heart rate from field test:
20 min avg watts from field test:

HR Zone /Power Level Watts Heart Rate RPE Description
1 1-2 Recovery
2 3-4 Endurance
3 5-6 Tempo
4 7 Lactate Threshold
5a/5 8 Above Threshold
5b/6 9 Aerobic Capacity
5c/7 10 Anaerobic Capacity
LTHR Zones Used with permission by Joe Friel, author Mountain Bike Training Bible.
Power Zones by Andy Coggan, PhD.

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