Elevated Legs

elevated-legs-logoWant to improve your recovery time after hard workouts and races? Compression legs are like having your own masseuse where ever you go for a fraction of the cost. I’ve used these during my training and racing to improve recovery time and make my legs feel fresh and ready to hammer it out again and again. Now you can get these at a killer price, free shipping and a discount at a kick butt bike shop when you use my discount code.  Read more about these on our Elevated Legs Review

Train and Recover like a pro.

Elevated Legs speeds up the recovery process and feels really good at the same time.

Once the cycle completes, pressure releases and blood flows back into your legs bringing with it O2 and healing nutrients. This therapy significantly increases vascular flow leaving your legs feeling fresh and light with results noticeable immediately after use.

With Elevated Legs adjustable compression pressure ranging from 20mmhg to a class leading 200mmhg, they are also able to offer a strong enough squeeze to massage out sore and tight muscles. There has never been a more relaxing way to increase your recovery and massage sore muscle. Sit back, Relax and let Elevated Legs speed you on your way to better athletic performance and fresher feeling legs!

Don’t want to make a purchase?  Try them out with their affordable rental program.

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