mtb stage race

TransRockies Classic MTB Stage Race Recap

I’m finally raising my head up from sand after competing in the 2019 TransRockies Classic 7 day mtb stage race.  This event traversed the Canadian Rockies from Panorama B.C. Canada to Fernie B.C. Canada. Riding 350m/550km and 39000’/12000m elevation gain over 7 days in remote parts of the Canadian Rockies. This is an event I […]

24hrs in The Old Pueblo 2013

The 2013 edition of the 24hrs in the Old Pueblo was my 4th start of a 24hr solo.  I had completed in the previous years edition and ended up 3rd there and my goal was to just get through without stopping for any significant time and have a good time.  I easily accomplished that goal. […]

24hrs of Moab

The 24hrs of Moab was on my mind since early spring soon after  24hrs in the Old Pueblo.  I knew 2012 was the last year for the race and I wanted to do it before it was gone. After my original support crew (my wife and kids) backed out because of other commitments  I was planning […]

VaporTrail 125, better late the never

I’ve been working on this post for almost three weeks.  It’s finally done.  It’s rambles on, but it gives a bit of insight of my experience with this epic event. When I first read about this race back in 2008, I never thought I could or would do this event.  It was way out of […]

PV Cycle Derby, RME Series

Wow, what a day!  The PV Cycle Derby went off yesterday and boy was it a good one.  The venue was at the Peaceful Valley Boy Scout Camp in Elbert, CO.  This is a great place to hold any type of MTB Race.  Our race  was three 22 mile loops that zigged and zagged through […]

Pierre’s Hole 100

I was going into my third 100 mile MTB race of the year a little nervous.  I had a lingering saddle sore since the prior weekends race, the Laramie Enduro, and I didn’t feel recovered from the same race either. Also, on paper, the Pierre’s Hole says there is over 18000ft of climbing (4600 per […]

Laramie Enduro 2011

I got a last minute entry to the Laramie Enduro thanks to friend Josh Bezecny.    I wasn’t sure if I should race, only because I have another much larger and harder race next weekend, the Pierres Hole 100.  But I couldn’t resist, it’s a great event, fun trails, and I wanted some redemption from last […]

Breckenridge 100 Result

My 2nd 100 miler is the books.  It seemed like it took for ever to start.  I really enjoyed last years race, and couldn’t wait to do it again.  I wanted to come a little more prepared. Quick Stats: 21st Overall 2nd in Age group finished in 10:03:24 7:30min faster then last year Started in […]

Ridgeline Rampage Report

Before the race even started, I thought I was out.  While warming up, on the first turn into dirt I was down and broke the strap on my shoe.  After I calmed down a bit I found some electrical tape, repaired the shoe and was back to a warm up.  Whew! The trail system for […]