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Is it me or is the wind getting stonger?

The sun was out today, but there was a lot of wind.   I really wanted to get outside on the bike since most of my training has been indoors recently.   Once I started I could tell there was a lot of wind, but it didn’t seem that bad.  I headed out toward Nederland and the further North I got the wind was stronger.   It was hitting me from all sides, pushing me from side to side.  The head wind was probably the strongest I have ever felt.

The best part about the ride was heading home, which goes from 8200ft to 9300ft over 15 miles.  Most of the climbs I had lots of help with a nice tailwind.  Once I got to the highest point though, the head wind was back and made the final stretch a challenge.

I kept most of the ride in Zone 2, with a couple of hits to zone 3 and 4.  Here are the ride details.

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