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Blue Bird Day

It was such a nice day today.  Little wind and crystal clear sky’s.  I couldn’t get out to ride, but I did get a few workouts in.

First thing this morning  before breakfast I did a 1hr zone 2 spin on the trainer.  I was pretty steady with 90-95 rpm cadence the whole time.   Nothing too exciting.  After breakfast I did a strength workout.  I’ve started the Maximum Strength period on the weights so the sessions go faster but the pain is greater.

After a short break and lunch I took my son to Eldora for a couple of hours of skiing.  We hit the bumps on Corona and the Jolly Jug Glades.

While at the top of Corona I notices a view I have never seen before.  We went into the Lookout to get a snack and take a break.  I took these pictures.  They certainly don’t do the scene justice.

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