Our Training Plans

MTB Race Training Plans, mountain bike training plansThe MTBCoach MTB Race training plans are easy to follow and designed to produce your best result.  Stack the Conditioning, Base, and Build plans together for a season-long plan. Contact us if you have any questions about which plan to choose or what’s best for you.

Our premade training plans are best if you can follow the schedule on your own with no guidance from a coach.  You need to have a predictable schedule that allows you to follow the prescribed plan, typically Tue-Thru, Sat, and Sun.  Monday and Friday are usually rest days but may include core and stretching.

For feedback and analysis or a custom schedule then our coaching programs may be best for you.

All of our training plans are serviced by TrainingPeaks and are Structured Workout compatible with many devices, smart trainers, and apps including Zwift and TrainerRoad. TrainingPeaks allows you to view your training plans in a web browser and a mobile app.  You can use the free account with the training plan or use the premium account to track your progress.


Our Training Plan Subscription allows you to use any and all of our training plans throughout the season at a low monthly cost.  This is a great way to try a plan or have the ability to pivot to a different plan if your plans change or take on new events.  Read more about our Training Plan Subscriptions.


MTB Stage Race Training Plan
MTB 6-day Stage Race Base Training Plan

We have a number of plans to choose from and it may be confusing to understand which one is right for you.  All of our plans are put together by the event type you are training for and you’ll be your best after completion.   Our plans are designed around the Periodization Training Phases.  Each class of training plan has a Conditioning Plan, a Base Plan, a Build Plan and some have 40+ (Masters) plans.  See below to understand which is right for you

How to select our Race Training Plans

Conditioning / Adaptation Plan

The Conditioning / Adaptation plan is about the Prep phase of periodization training phases.  This is best if you are just getting started with training, had a long offseason, starting back from an injury.  Start this plan 30 weeks before your target event and 6 weeks before moving to the Base Plans.

Base Plans

mtb stage race training plan
MTB 6-8 day Stage Race Build Training Plan

The base plans are designed to create strong aerobic fitness for your event type.  This plan is for the Base phase of periodization training phases.  The focus is generally longer endurance (aerobic) and short high intensity (anaerobic) workouts.  The plans will prepare your body for the demands of the Build and Races phases.  We recommend starting all base plans 24 weeks before the start of your target race.  You can race during the base phase, however, we wouldn’t expect you to be race-ready.  This is a good time to test fitness, hydration, and fueling plans and experiment with race technique and strategy.

Build Plans

The build plans are designed to make you race-ready adding race simulation sessions to your training plan.  The build plan includes the Build, Race, and Peak phases of the periodization training phases. The focus includes improving sustainable power, peak power, lactate threshold, and V02Max.  Start the build plans 12 weeks before your target event.  Near the end of this plan, you will be your most fit and ready for your goal event.  The plan is timed so your fitness is at its peak in the last one-two weeks of the plan.  This 12-week period is a good time to fine-tune your race strategy, hydration, and fueling needs for the target event.

40+ (Masters) Plans

In some cases, we include plans for athletes ages 40 or more years old.  The main difference with the 40+ (master)  plans is that they include rest weeks every three weeks instead of every four.

There is not a hard line at 40 years old.  A fit 40-year-old may want to choose the standard plans until they reach their late 40s or early 50s.  A 35-year-old may want to use the master plans if they feel they need more rest and recovery because of the risk of injury or being conservative.    Athletes in their mid to late ’50s should consult the coach for additional advice for optimal performance.

Choose a plan for your event

Use discount code mtbcoach10 to save 10% on any training plan purchased through our site. Discount does not apply when purchased through Training Peaks.

All Training Plans include the following:

  • 12 weeks of workouts with a well-written description
  • Workouts are online via the TrainingPeaks website or mobile app
  • A daily email reminder with detailed workouts.
  • Structured Workout device compatible.  Workouts can be exported for use with devices and apps. Learn More
  • Workouts built for use with a Power Meter, Heart Rate Monitor or Perceived Exertion
  • The plan includes field tests for FTP and Lactic Threshold Heart Rate Test (LTHR)
  • Access to our private Facebook group and get expert advice on training, racing and equipment choices.  You can also interact with other members for their advice and experience.
  • MTBCoach Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan available for $20
  • The MTBCoach Training and Racing Handbook, which includes information about how to use the training plan, execute workouts, nutrition, rest and recovery and much more.

For the best results stack the Conditioning (optional), Base and Build plans for a total of 24-30 weeks of training.  See Our Training Plans for more detail.

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Sifiso O Sweet
Sifiso O Sweet
Curt helped me get fit and fast for Enduro racing. This is a hard format to train for due to the need for endurance as well as short power bursts. Stages can be upwards of 15 minutes redlined and Curt did a great job of building a program for me that made me competitive.
James Stoup
James Stoup
I have used both their coaching and their training plans and have had great results with both.
Mike VanWormer
Mike VanWormer
I had the pleasure of working with both Curt and Ben Stein and I will highly recommend them to anyone that wants to step up their athletic game. It does not matter if you are now starting or on a competitive level, they will work with you based on your needs and wants and get you exactly where you need to be. 10 out of 10
Jason Costelloe
Jason Costelloe
I have been working with MTBCoach for several years to train and prepare for many races, in-season and off-season. I have consistently gotten faster and have completed many NUE races as well several tough stage races, always finishing each better than the last. The scheduling is flexible and since my training time is limited I can ensure that my time on the the bike is spent in the most efficient manner possible. Curt is always quick to answer questions, make adjustments, provide feedback and motivation. Highly recommended for athletes of any level!
Matthew Kesecker
Matthew Kesecker
I only trained for a short while with Coach Ben but the entire MTB coach set up is very professional. I am a working mum of four and I needed a coaching schedule that I could squeeze in and a coach who understood that I needed to be able to flex. I got just that. Clear instructions, encouragement plus good results! I definitely recommend them.
Ruth Taylor-Rudden
Ruth Taylor-Rudden
I worked with Ben for the 10 months leading up to my first 70.3. Through Ben’s coaching I successfully completed the race and stayed focused and injury-free for the duration of my training. I would definitely recommend MTB Coach for anyone looking to meet and exceed racing goals!
Vanessa Thomas
Vanessa Thomas