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Weekend In Fruita

I spent the past weekend with my team in Fruita, CO, with three great days of riding.  While we were out there, at home it was snowing heavily.  Luckily we got out early on Friday before I-70 got to bad and closed.

Friday we road out at Loma with great views of the Colorado River and canyons.  We stayed in the lower sections hammering out the singletrack.   It was lots of fun to start the weekend. We road just about 2hrs.


Saturday we headed out the to 18 Road.  We did just about every trail out there except the Edge loop.   After a warm up at Chutes and Ladders we road up Western Zippy and the frontside.  After hitting frontside, we road Joes Ridge and then back up to Western Zippy and Frontside to charge Zippidie Do Da.  After a quick bite to eat at the car, we road back up the road to the top of Kessel Run, and hammered down that to the parking lot.  In total we had 2.75 hrs of riding with mostly singletrack.  A great day.

I like riding the 18 road trails mostly because of the constant ups and downs.  Great power works out and the legs get a little wabbly after a few hrs.


Sunday we headed back to Loma and planned another hard ride with More Fun and Mack Ridge.  Both are great technical climbs.  Some of the sections are not rideable on a regular XC bike.   I don’t recall the rest of the trails that we road, but ended up riding for 2 hrs.  It was a great day to end the weekend.  The weather was clam and in the low 70’s


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