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How to manage a busy schedule.

Again, I’m doing some catchup from the previous week.  I’ve been super busy trying to keep up with my new job, and my fatherly/husband duties.  Here is a good exaple of how I dealt with my busy schedule last week.

I did manage to 9 hrs in, 6.5 of those were indoors. I don’t necessary like riding indoors, but by riding, I stay fit, and I get quality workouts in a short period of time.

I’m now in my Base 3 phase, which brings in Muscular Endurance sessions.  These sessions are hard, but I most enjoy them.  Muscular Endurance is one of my strengths.    These sessions include longer Tempo rides at zones 3 and 4, and built not only the strength you need for long hard efforts, but builds your aerobic capacity.  Perfect for mountain bike racing.

Here is what I did for last week.  During the week, I used my early morning time at the gym for weights and lunch break for indoor trainer rides.

  • Monday – Steady State Intervals, 3×12 with  6 min recovery between intervals.  Also a Strength workout at the gym.
  • Tuesday – OverUnder Intervals, 3×9
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – 2x30min temp, at zone 3-4.  After the second interval, I spun easy to complete 1.5hrs
  • Friday – Steady Spin in zone 2 – 40 min
  • Saturday – OverUnder Intervals 3×9.  Also a strength workout at the gym.
  • Sunday 2.5 hr MTB ride, lots of hills and riding in zone 3 and 4.
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