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Tour of California

What a race so far, eh?  I’ve been enjoying it on Versus while I do my training.

I was really impressed with Levis ride up Boony Dune.  I’ve driven up Boony Dune and it’s a good ascent, but he smashed it.  First catching the group of 7, then putting another mintue on them, when he was over 3 minutes back.  Amazing!

Yesterday they started in my birth place, San Jose CA, and had a points sprint in Downtown Livermore, my last residence before moving to CO.  I have done the climb up Patterson Passroad, which is a great climb.  The ascent is steep and whindy.

I look forward to todays stage in the Sierra foothills.

As far as my training has gone, I took Saturday off.  I needed a little rest from the snowshoeing I did on Friday.

Sunday I did 2 hrs on the trainer at Zone 2

Monday I did 1.5hrs on the trainer at Zone 2 and a couple of hours skiing with my daughter.

Tuesday,  Ouch!  I’m still sore on Wednesday.

In the morning I did a strength workout, then in the afternoon I did two different sets of power intervals. The first set was 5 3×3 at zone 4.9-5.  Then I did a 10 min recovery spin, and then started with the second set.  3 OverUnders, 2 min at 86-90% LTHR, then 1 min all out zone 5, the repeat two more times for a 9 min interval.  I finished with a 20 min cooldown recovery spin.  Total time: 1:45hr

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