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Jolly Jug Glades

My 8year old son is becoming a pretty good skier. Today at Eldora after a couple of runs down the Corona mogul line I suggested doing the Jolly Jug Glades, at the top of Challenge Mtn. I thought we just do the top section, which is mellow for the most part. I thought this would be a good way to introduce him to tree skiing. Half way down there is a service road that we would cut on to and avoid the steep narrow second half. Some how we both missed the road, and if you have skied Jolly Jug Glades you’ll wonder how we missed it. I think it’s because we were having such a good time. Once we got the bottom he asked where the hard part was, and I replied that we did it. “That was easy, let’s do it again” he said. It was one of those proud moments, not just for him, having the skill and confidence to do a double black diamond run, but also for me to have been able to have the resources for him to accomplish it.

I hope before the end of the season we will be skiing Bryan Glades.

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