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Too much wind!

The forecast was looking good for a nice road ride today.   The roads are clear of ice and snow and the sun was out.  I think the temp was in the 30’s today, but the wind was constant.   Winds were around 20-25 with gusts around 40.  For me it’s too much.  Later in the week the forecast looks good for more riding up here.  I’m hoping for a 5 hr ride on Tuesday.

Instead of the road ride, I spent the morning working on both of my rigs.  My road bike needed a new chain, cassette and cables.  I ended up using a SRAM 951 chain, mainly because it was cheap.  I got it on sale for $15! Usually I buy Durace/XTR but they are $50 now.  I liked using the PowerLink.  We’ll see how the chain holds up and how it shifts with the Shimano cassette.

My mountain bike needed new housing, cables and a wash from the mud I was in last week.  I also replaced the grips.   I’m hoping for a MTB ride at Green Mountain on Monday.  I haven’t ridden there yet but I’ve heard one can get around 2hrs of riding.

Since I didn’t want to battle the wind, I got back on the training and busted out a set of Steady State intervals, 3×10 with 8 min recovery between intervals.  with warm up this gave me a good hour on the trainer.

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