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3500 ft ascent

I had an appointment in Denver today, so I planned a mtb ride for afterwards.  It was still windy up in the high foothills and since the lower elevations don’t have as much snow as we do up here, I thought I could take advantage of some dirt.

I was going to ride Green Mountain, but as I was driving up HWY 6 it appeared there was still a lot of snow, and I’m sure there would have been a lot of mud too.  I changed my plans to ride at White Ranch, though most of the space is still has a lot of snow and mud on the North facing slopes.  I planned on riding around 2 hrs which means I could ride to the top, via Belcher Hill Trail, which is a steep climb, with a couple of loose technical sections in the middle.

Once I got to the top of the road I took a left on Sawmill and made my way up the south facing side via Mustang, which I figured would be dry, and then made my way down the East side, Belcher Hill Trail.   The singletrack up is steep, and technical.   The East side had some snow patches, but not so much it stopped me.  Once off the singletrack, I’m back on Belcher Hill Rd and I zipped down to the bottom.  However, that was only 1 hr.  I grabbed a Clifbar, and made my way back up.   This time when I got to the top of Belcher Hill Trail I went straight up Belcher Hill Trail singletrack, which is also steep and technical.  The wind had also picked up, and was constant 20mph, with gusts around 30mph.   Once I got to the top, I headed down Mustang to Sawmill and back to Belcher Hill rd, and all the way down to the parking lot.   I finished with 2:05 hrs, with 3500ft ascent.

Here is a sample of my workout data and the GPS recording.


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