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Ned to Wondervue and Home

I found a new route to provide some good climbing and temp work.    A normal ride for me,at least during the week is to head to Ned and back home.  I found that heading to Wondervue after the turnaround in Nederland provides a good climb to the top where the Wondervue Cafe sits.  On the way back to Hwy119, west on Hw72, there is a slight ascent, but provides a good tempo work.  It’s about 10 miles and also has a good headwind on those windy days.

I enjoyed both sections, the climb and the way back.     After  finishing the ride, I was feeling pretty tired.  I wondered if the ride was too much prior to a race two days later.   I just told myself that the race is not important and the purpose of ride was to help improve on  the build phase I’m in.

Here are some details of the ride.

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