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Front Range 50 Race Report

I ended the Build 1 Phase with the hardest workout of the season, a 50 mile MTB race, the Front Range 50.

My expectation where not high.  I knew I would complete the event, but not sure about my finish time.   I figured my per lap time would be about 45 min, putting me about 3:40 min.  I ended up with a time of 3:24 and an 8th place in the Mens Open 40-49 age group.   There were over 60 people who finished the race.

The course itself was not too challenging, only a couple of short climbs, and lots of flat single track.  Each lap included about 1000ft of climbing and 10miles.

My first three laps were around 39min and I felt pretty good.   Though my climbing was slower then the people I was riding with.  I could catch up on the flatter sections and get dropped on the climbs.

In the 4th lap I started to feel fatigued.  My pace slowed to about 42min.  There was also a lot of traffic  on the course, which made passing harder and slower.

The 5th lap felt better then the 4th, but was still slower at 43 min.

Here is what I got out of this race:

  • My Endurance is good.
  • My Muscular Endurance is good.
  • Need to improve climbing speed.
  • My top end speed is good
  • Need to improve Anaerobic Endurance

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