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Next Up: The Front Range 50

This week is continued work in Build 1 phase.  Included is a 50 mile MTB race in Lakewood, CO, The Front Range 50.  I’m expecting the race to take me about 3:20-3:40 hrs.

I expect the pace to be fast, since the course is not too difficult, however, during my preride, there was 1200ft of climbing per lap.  There are 5 laps at 10 miles each.  Total climbing will be right around 6000ft.  This is going to be a great training race, in preparation for races later this season.

Since I am in my Build 1 phase,  I’m not spending a lot of time in recovering.  Most of my time on the bike is doing Muscular Endurance, long durations in zone 4.  At the end of this phase I want to be worked, and feel like I need a rest.  After the race on Saturday, I think I’ll need a good rest, which is planned the following week.

Today the weather is looking good for a road ride.  I’m going to ride to Ned and back, but this time I’m going to detour to Wondervue for a good climb.   Coming back from Wondervue there is a good stretch on Hwy 72 that will provide some good tempo, with a slight up hill to hwy119.

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