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Learning Power with Powertap

I did my first ride using the Powertap today.  The weather was terrible so I decided to do some 2×2 on the trainer.  Below is the graph with power and hr from the workout.   I don’t know my max power or ftp yet, but that will come at the end of next week after a solid week of rest.

I think the numbers look good.   I was consistently hitting 350+ watts within zone 4, never hit zone 5,  You can see the 1min warm up intervals, then the 2 sets of 5.  the first set cadence was 105-110, and the second set had a harder gear with slow cadence of 100-105.    I took a 10min rest between the sets.

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  1. I examined the power data using TrainingPeaks and found that my avg power for the intervals was 320. Next I’ll examine it using WKO 3.0, and use the awesome graphs to see where the focus, ie. LT, Force, VO2, endurance etc.

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