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Riding in Yellowstone and the Tetons

I had a nice vacation, and rest week in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  There is no mountain biking  off road in any US national park, so I took my road bike along with me.  I ended up with two nice road rides.

The first ride was an out and back on a blue bird morning, leaving at 6am while the traffic was low and the animals were out.  I got to see lots of buffalo in the Hayden valley area, some only a few feet away from me as I pedaled along.  Total ride time was 2hrs with avg power of 220.  Checkout the route.

The second ride was from our campsite in Yellowstone to our site in the Grand Tetons.  It was a 56 mile ride, and another blue bird day.  There was not a cloud in the sky the whole day, which was a nice change as the day before it was snowing!  There were a couple of short climbs which I put some effort into, and the fitness was good, putting out over 400w each.  The total ride time was 2:50hr with avg power of 230w.  Checkout the route.

Overall it was a good rest week and I’m feeling good and energized and ready for the upcoming races.


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