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Early Morning Rides

Now that the temps are up and it’s light out early morning, I’m finding that this is my favorite time to ride my MTB.

Today I was on the bike a 6:15am and hitting the quiet trails in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  It was a bit cooler this morning with low clouds and heavy fog at the highest spots, but the temp was still in the high 40 f and calm.

I took the Superfly out and hit some of the more technical trails in the park.  I’m starting to feel more comfortable on the HT, still not as agile as my Top Fuel FS.  That will come with time. I believe the GGC has some of the best trails for XC training.  There is a bit of everything and it’s really helping me get used to my Superfly.

One issue I’m having is getting my body working at high intensity early morning.  The main issue is that I don’t have much fuel in the tank for hard efforts.  I’ve been hopping on the bike without eating, only a shot of espresso, and a glass of water.  Then after about 1/2 hour, I start eating a bar.   The next time I’ll add in a couple of gels.

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