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Laramie Enduro Report

[singlepic id=99 w=320 h=240 float=left] This past weekend was the Laramie Enduro, a 70 mile course just east of Laramie Wy.  I haven’t ridden up there and had no idea what to expect.  I heard there was a lot of fire road and double track and not to much single track.

I wasn’t sure how I’d do in this one, after coming off the Breck 100, but I was committed to doing my best.   I felt strong and rested, but you never know after these long races how your body will react.

I ended up with  8th in my age group, and 36th overall.  However, after 58 miles I believe I was in the top 25 over all, and feeling really good.  I was catching people and ready for a strong finish.

The race started off super fast, as I expected.   I was red lined from the start, for me that is zone 5 at 160bpm.    My max for the day was 165bpm, and I’m sure that was in the first 20 min of the race.

I ended up hooking on to a group of 10 guys that were moving really fast.  But I just tried to stay on the back,  I was still in the red.  I knew I couldn’t hold this for very long, and tried to keep taking in water, and gel.   This group had 4 guys from my team too.  Les, Charlie (single speed), Jean-Paul and myself.

After about an hour I ended up dropping off the back with some other guys and ended up riding the next couple of hours by myself.  I could see some guys about 2 and 4 min ahead of me at times, but couldn’t close the gap.  I just maintained my pace, which was back down to a HR in the 140’s, and low 150’s (zone 3 and 4).   I was much more comfortable at this pace, but still moving quickly.

After about 3.5hrs in to the race, I started catching guys that were in the group I dropped from.   I just kept my pace and caught more guys, by aid station 4, I passed about 5 guys, and I was feeling great.  I stopped at Aid #4, and filled up on water and Heed, downed a 1/2 banana and slice of watermelon (thanks jean-paul).  Jean-Paul was part of the break group, but ended up missing a turn.  We rode for a short time before hitting (in my opinion) the hardest part of the course.  There were some steep short hills, and for some reason my gears started jumping when putting in lots of power.   Some of these hills needed my granny (28×36 on my SRAM XX),  I couldn’t use my granny, so I was off the bike a few times, losing contact with Jean-Paul and another guys we were with.

A guy I passed around 3.5hr  passed me, and I was feeling like I was going to crack.  I still had 10 more miles, and based on time, more then an hour.  I got some some hike – a – bike sections, and I think those took all my steam.  That was the last time I saw Jean Paul, and more people starting to catch me.

I was starting to crack hard.  Cramping was coming on stronger, and  my power was rapidly disappearing.  I went off course, and saw a few guy I passed earlier now pass me.  I finally got to aid station 5 (the last one).  I grabbed some fresh water and another gel hoping this would give me the pick me up I needed.

I rolled out of Aid station 5, on a easy rolling fire road.  I had nothing left, then we hit one more climb, it was rocky and tree roots all over it.  I did have enough power to get over any of them.  I was off the trail a few times, just go get my head back into it. Catch my breath.  My HR was high (140’s), and I was only standing.

I got back on the bike and slowly made it to the top of the climb, after being passed by 10+ more people.  i didn’t care at this point, I only wanted to finish.   At 5:46hr I rolled into the finish.

Usually after i finish a race, I have to pee.  I realized that I hadn’t peed since the start, almost 6 hrs earlier.   Over the next 3 hrs I downed almost two gallons of water, and finally peed at 4pm.  Apparently I was dehydrated.

I don’t know how I got dehydrated, I started with a full 70 Cambelbak, and a 22oz water bottle.  I also drank another full 22oz water bottle at Aid 5, and filled up my Cambelbak at aid 4 (which I almost finished).  I believe I consumed at least  140oz while in the race.    I didn’t have this problem in past long endurance races, I need to figure this one out.

I still feel good about the race, I was right on pace to do well, maybe 5th or 6th in my age group, and top 20 over all.

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  1. Love the last pic – shows the true grit of the race! Thanks for joining us this year – hope to see you in 2011!

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