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Rained Out

High in the Front Range foothills we’ve had two days of heavy rain, sever thunderstorms and hail.  This has hindered my ability to ride my bike outside.  I haven’t ridden my bike outside at all this week, and I’m really hoping I can race the Winter Park Valley Point to Point this weekend.  All the stars need to align to make that happen, but I’m optimistic.

The lack of outside time helped with my tapering for the Breckenridge 100 next weekend.  I’ve been focusing on rest, and high intensity workouts.

  • Monday was a rest day, after the Firecracker 50
  • Tuesday I did some strength training to continue maintenance on what I’ve built over the year. It
  • Wednesday I was rained out and did some intervals on the trainer.   I did three reps of 3×3 intervals, and three intervals of 10min, with 5 min recover between. Total 1:20hr
  • Thursday I was rained out again, and did some tempo intervals on the trainer again.  I did two 20 min efforts at tempo, 250-270w, and then 10 min effort at 280-300w. total 1:30hr
  • Today (Friday) is a rest day.  If time allows I will do some Active Recover, 30 min at 140-150w.
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