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Completed USAC Level 2 Clinic

Pikes Peak from OTC
Pikes Peak from OTC

That was a long 2 and half days.  It was all lecture.  However, the content of the sessions was very good.  We learned about everything from conducting an athlete interview to bio-energetics(how the body produces energy).   The physiology got a little low level for me, but I was interesting content.

There was about 35 people in the class, from all over the country.  Some were just starting out, and others were existing coaches and ex pro competitors.  Everyone I met was really nice and had something great to share about their coaching experiences.

The Olympic training center was very cool (pictures attached below).   As guests we stayed in the dorm room on site.  I can’t say much about them, very basic.  There was some nicer dorms attached to the main athletic center.  There were athletes everywhere.  It is hard to tell what sport they compete in, but there were the gymnast and volleyball players and probably track and field competitors.  The athletes  were easy to spot they were all dressed in USA sweat pants and jackets.   I didn’t recognize anybody, and don’t know if anybody famous was there.   when I told my son where I was, he asked if I saw Michael Phelps.   I didn’t, but I’m sure he trained in the pool at one time.

There was a gym that we could use, but the class schedule and gym schedule didn’t mix well.  So it turned out to be a good rest for me, especially after the hard week I had.

Now that I have completed the level 2 clinic I can take the level 2 test.  I’ll be doing that this week.

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