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USAC XC Nationals

I had planned to do the Breck 68 this weekend, July 18.  I changed my mind because I wanted more competition then racing against 15 guys, which was last years 40-49 field.  I thought this year there would be even less with the XC Nationals the same day in Sol Vista.

Instead, I signed up for the Solvista Nationals, in Sol Vista, CO.  I’m racing the Cat 1, 40-49 XC race.  With my form starting to come around, I hoping for a good showing.

I haven’t ridden over there yet so I’m planning a pre-ride on Tuesday or Wednesday this week with Jon, a fellow teammate, friend and neighbor.  Jon is racing the Cat 2 on Friday, and Super-D on Sunday.

The course looks like a typical ski-resort course, up then down.  See course below.  It doesn’t necessarly fit me, however, it is a 9 mile loop with three loops.  The distance should suit me me.


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