100 Mile Base Plans

I just posted two new 100 Mile MTB race base plans on to TrainingPeaks. The first plan is for the beginner 100 mile MTB race finisher.  This base plan is best for someone looking to finish the race.  Training is 7-12 hrs a week and last 12 weeks. The second plan is for the experienced […]

New XC Base Plans For Sale

It’s that time of year where you need to start thinking about your training for next season.  To get you ready I have completed building new Base training plans for Cross Country Cat 3, Cat 2 and Cat 1 MTBers.   Cost is $85 each direct or through TrainingPeaks.com.    These plans are best for races 2-3hrs […]

Conquering the Divide

[singlepic id=118 w=320 h=240 float=left]It was a perfect fall day in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to do an epic MTB ride.  Five crazy guys decided to ride their bikes from Gilpin County over Rollings Pass Road, down to Winter Park, then turn around and come back over. The group was made of some strong riders, […]

Rained Out

High in the Front Range foothills we’ve had two days of heavy rain, sever thunderstorms and hail.  This has hindered my ability to ride my bike outside.  I haven’t ridden my bike outside at all this week, and I’m really hoping I can race the Winter Park Valley Point to Point this weekend.  All the […]

Breckenridge 100

I’ve finally registered for the Breck 100 MTB race.  I am surprised to see there are almost 60 men in my age group signed to do the full 100 mile solo    I pre-rode loops 1 and 2 two weeks ago and this is going to be a fun and hard course.

Breck 100 Loops 1 and 2 Preride

I did a pre-ride of the Breck 100 loops one and two on June 27.   Loop 1 went over Wheeler pass, which is a 1:20hr climb up the Breckenridge Peak 9 maintenance road.  It’s a good 10-15% grade all the way to the top, from 9500ft, to 12,600ft.   Most of the snow was melted, but […]

Training with Power

I recently setup a PowerTap hub on my road bike and starting to figure it out.  To help me along I also got a copy of the new Training and Racing With A Power Meter 2nd Edition.  It’s pretty easy to just ride and see your power, but to actually make good use of your […]

A week of rest

A week of rest really makes a different.  I’m faster, stronger and able to sustain a higher HR for a longer time.  During the week, I did get 5 hrs of riding and a 3hr hike in.  I was also getting 10hrs of sleep a night, which for me is 2 or 3 more hrs […]

Riding in Yellowstone and the Tetons

I had a nice vacation, and rest week in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  There is no mountain biking  off road in any US national park, so I took my road bike along with me.  I ended up with two nice road rides. The first ride was an out and back on a […]