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The annual pilgrimage to the desert (24hr solo prep)

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I’ve give an update to what I’m up to.  This time of year is usually busy with new and existing clients coming on board to tune their skills for the upcoming season, and  also preparing for a 24 solo.  This year is my third year going solo at the 24hrs in the Old Pueblo Feb 15-17.

24hrs in the OP has been an annual event for our racing team for the last 5 years.  This event is well run and the warm weather is a welcome change to the cold winters we have high in the Rocky Mountains.  However, this year the weather has been really mild.  There has been some cold days, but the snow is almost non-existant. My normal trails are snowed in, but the dirt and asphalt roads are icy free.

Training for a big event in February is strange because most people are doing base miles while the people heading south to Tucson are about to peak.  I’m no exception.  After taking 2nd place at 24hrs of Moab Mens solo, I took about 1 month off from training and just rode for fun.  This was a great period because the weather was still really nice.    In early November I was back in some base training that lasted only 4 weeks with my eyes set on OP.

One of my last laps.
One of my last laps.

Since early Dec I have been in a build phase.  This is the most important phase for me.  In this phase I’m working on my endurance, power and vo2max.  I’m very happy with how this phase has been going.  I had a lab administered LT, Power  and Vo2 Max test at the Boulder Center of Sports medicine in early Dec which gave me a good indication of my current fitness.  All my power and LT numbers have been on field tests, which is a good way to do evaluate your fitness, but using a lab and testing blood is a very scientific method. There is no guess work.  With those new numbers I have been doing FTP threshold intervals, 2×2 and 3×3 VO2 Max intervals and had a many 3-7 hour rides.  Over all I’m feeling really good on the bike and while resting.   Hopefully a good sign.

In addition to my training, I’ve been working with a Dietitian to dial in my daily and training fuel.  Kelli Jennings at Apex Nutrition has been helping me by providing a meal plan and weekly advice.  We changed my diet a bit to include more fat, protein and supplements to assist recovery.  The result is my recovery has improved and I’m able to train harder then ever.

I’ve also been gathering some equipment needed to improve my race time. In last years race my night laps were much slower then I would have liked.  Part of this is that my eye sight is terible at night (who’s isn’t, right), but mostly because I didn’t run a head lamp, only bar lamps.   I have a NiteRider Pro 1200 (a few years old) for the bars and I just ordered a NiteRider Pro 1800 for the helment.  This should help my night vision quite a bit and I hope it will increase my night laps by 5min or more.

I’m working on a written plan for the pit boss.  This is a lap by lap plan on what I need each lap and includes things like clothes, fuel, lube, lights.  It’s been helpful for the last two 24hr solo races, and I’ve learned a bit more and including that for this race.

Other prep has been confirming a pit boss.  My good friend Alan who helped last year is back again this year.  He did a fantastic job keeping me fueled and motivated, last year, I’m really looking forward to having him again this year.  The team has also acquired a mechanic, Woot!  Bikes will be running smooth!

Trail side pit. The Trek Store Colorado gave me some awesome support.
Trail side pit. The Trek Store Colorado gave me some awesome support.

On bike nutrtion is provided by Infinit Nutrition and a custom formula I’ve used the last few years.  This stuff worked great last year and at Moab, but I did include some solid food including Honey Stinger waffles and bars, bagels, chicken noodle soup and oreo cookies.  I never got hungry and felt good energy throughout the race.  I’m planning on doing the same for this year.  Stick with what works right!

I also got hooked up with a Epic Cam which I will have on during some pre-riding and the first few laps of the race, and maybe the last lap.  It will be fun to record the action and post it for all to see after the race.

I’m super excited for this event.  It’s one I look forward to all year.  The race, the friends and the riding are fabulous.  I still have a lot of work to do before I’m ready for this, but progress is being made and I know I’ll be 100% when I am running the Lemans Start at 12noon Feb 16.

Thanks for reading.

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