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Squirt Lube Review

Squirt Lube

I started using Squirt Lube about mid point last season.  I had been searching for a long lasting lube that didn’t leave a huge mess on the drive chain.  After reading about Squirt, I decided to give it a try.

Squirt is wax based, with a water propellant, which means it’s environmentally friendly.

Since trying the first application, I haven’t tried anything else.  I use it on my road bike, and mountain bikes and all year long.  Not only does it last a long time, even after a hundred mile ride or race, it’s still shifting great and the only thing on the chain is dirt or road grim.  No build up of grease or dirt, so cleaning is easy.

I was most impressed with Squirt during two of my races this year, the Breck 100, 10 hrs, and the Park City Point to Point, 8+hrs.   Neither course was terribly dusty, but it was dry, and still a lot of riding on dirt.  Each race I only needed one application the night before. The lube lasted well and keep the chain quite and shifting smooth until the very end.   There have been many other 5-7 hour races where I had the same experience.

On my shorter weekday rides, which are usually really hard, and around 1.5-2hrs, I apply Squirt every other ride or two.  This seems to make the little bottle last longer then other brands.

It’s really hard for me want to use another lube because I know it will make a huge mess, and I’ll have to keep applying it.

One trick in using Squirt is to apply it a few hours or the day before your ride.  The water needs to completely dry for the lube to be effective.   Applying it right before a ride will just cause the water and wax to fly off or collect a bunch of dirt, causing poor shifting and a noisy chain.

If you haven’t already, give Squirt a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

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