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Pyramid Intervals, Anaerobic Endurance

Tuesday was another yuckie weather day, and another opportunity to improve my Anaerobic fitness.

On this workout I planned on doing Pyramid Intervals, where you start with one minute and work up to 5, then back down to one.  Recover between intervals is the same as the preceding interval.   Cadence should be high 100+ rpm.  After one minute, you should be in zone 4, and after two minutes, you should be to zone 5 for the rest of the interval.

It goes likes this.  After good warm up, spinning fast in zone 2 for about 10 minutes, then start the intervals.    On 1 min, recover 1 min, on 2min, recover 2min, on 3min,  recover 3, on 4 min, recover 4 min, on 3min, recover 3min, on 2 min, recover 2 min, on 1 min, recover for 10 min.

Normally, you should go up to 5 min, as long as you can keep your speed.  I feeling the pain from the previous day on the 4 min interval, and began to slow down.  so I started the downward end of the pyramid.

At the end I did a core workout.

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