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More Rain, training inside. yuck!

This spring has been quite wet.  The weekends have had a lot of rain an now this week we are getting more.  It’s starting to hamper my training.  I’m defiantly a fair weather rider.  It can be 20° and I’ll ride, but if there is rain/snow or thunder/lightning, I hit the trainer.

I don’t mind the trainer that much, it allows me to get some good quality workouts in a short period.  Now that I’m in my build phases, my trainer session are Anaerobic Intervals.  These are short high intensity workouts that will build your Anaerobic Endurance and VO2Max.

Yesterday I did some OverUnders, 2x1x2x1x2x1x21, that is, two minutes at zone 2-3, then all out 1 min, and repeat 3 more times.  I did three sets of these.  At the end of the one minute all out, I’m Anaerobic, and my HR is at zone 4.9-5.    My cadence is around 100rpm.

Checkout my Training Sessions for Anaerobic Endurance workouts, these are good when the weather turns bad and helps you build your Anaerobic Endurance.

There is more rain today, so I have another Anaerobic workout on schedule.

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