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Original Growler IV

The 2011 version of the Original Growler went much better for me then the 2010 version. Yes, I suffered, but everybody suffers at these events.    This year the course took the opposite direction, which I enjoyed more, and maybe suited my skills better.  I’m not a great technical rider, and when it gets real technical, that is where I fail.    Lucky for me, there are only a couple of spots on this course where I couldn’t ride.  So I kept a good rhythm throughout the race.

Where I live, it’s almost never calm, so I am always riding in the wind.   This year, the wind was one of the biggest challenges of this race  It didn’t seem to be much of a problem for me.  I gained time when it got real windy.    I was happy that I had spent so much time training in the wind this year.

My goal for the race was 6hrs, and when I came in the first lap, I was right at 3hrs. So I was  on track,  However, the second lap became slower with a couple of sections we skipped on the first lap, and the winds  were much stronger.  My average speed drop almost a full MPH.

I completed the 64miles in 6:16, getting 27th overall, and 4th in my age group.  I’m pretty happy with this result.  It was an improvement over last year where I got 42nd overall and 8th in my age group.   I can’t compare times, since the course changed.   I still think I can do better, and I plan on trying again for 2012.

The next race is the Warriors Cycling Ridgeline Rampage, in Castle Rock, CO.  this will be another fast 60 miler similar to the FR60 two weeks ago.   Then I’ll be heading south to the race solo at 24hrs in the Enchanted Forest in McGaffey, NM.



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