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Old Stomping Grounds

I’m in California for 10 days for a family wedding and a little R and R.  I did bring my mountain bike out to ride some of the trails I used to train on.    Most of the trails are within 3 or 4 miles from the place I’m staying.

A majority of trails are fire road climbs in  openspace parks. There is no much single track, and it’s really dusty.    The climbs are long and step, but start at 500ft elv and go up to 2700 at the top of one climb, and over 3000 on the other.

It feels so good to ride at this elevation.   There is so much air, it’s easy to keep pushing beyond your normal limit.

One downfall is that it is really humid.  It’s about 80% humidity, and with the heat, around 80%, it makes riding a little harder.  For a three hour ride, I finished a 100 oz. camel bak.

I’m hoping to ride about everyday while I’m here.

I didn’t bring the cable for my Garmin 305 to upload my rides.  I’ll upload them when I get home.

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