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32000 ft

We had a wedding to attend for my wife’s youngest brother.  We had planned on visiting for 10 days.  While smack in the middle of race season, I couldn’t fathom being without my bike for 10 days.  Not only would I loose a huge amount of fitness, I would go crazy.

The best part is that where we stayed was very close to the old trails I had trained on years ago when I started riding.   I enjoyed riding the old trails and recalled past experiences with friends during my many outings.

My rides started around 350ft above sea level and topped out at ~2800.  I road one loop 5 times, mainly because I got a great workout, but also had 4500ft of climbing in 20 miles and it took me 2hrs to complete it.  We call the the Kennedy/Powerpole loop.  We start at 350ft and go up to 2600ft, then down to 1600ft, then back up to 2800ft, then all the way down to 350ft.   See the loop below.  In 8 rides I covers 32000ft of climing.   I’m hoping that the climbing and the intensity which I rode will give me a good result for the Winter Park/Crankworks XC race tomorrow.

Kennedy Powerpole Loop

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