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Nutrition for 24hr Solo

Nutrition for 24hr solo

I have a 24hr solo race next week and this is part the fuel I’ll be taking.   Over the past 3-4 months I’ve been experimenting with my nutrition and how to get the right amount of energy without getting an upset stomach.   Some of the 12 and 100mile races I did could have been a bit faster if I had a better nutrition plan.

My nutrition plan will be to consume about 300 cals an hour.  I’ll do this with mostly liquid fuel, of Hammer products.  Perpetuem, Heed, and Gel.   I’ll start off with about 3.5 scoops of Perpetuem in a water large bottle.  This will last two laps.   Then about every  4-5th lap, grab a bottle of Heed (2 scoops).   Using the Heed will help empty out my stomach, but help keep my energy up.   The Gel is really just a backup.  I’ll carry some in my pocket and use it if I feel I need a zap of energy.

I have my Garmin 500 to alarm every 15 min,  this is my cue to drink.  I’ll take a small swig from the bottle, then wash it down with straight water from my hydration pack.

I’ll be carrying a 70oz hydration pack, which will last me about three hours, if I drink enough.  If after 3.5-4 hrs I still have water left, then I know I’m not drinking enough.  This will be an indicator if I’m getting dehydrated.

I’ll also have some fruit, and pb & j and maybe some clifbars waiting for me to get some real food, and I’ll have some hot chicken noodle soap waiting for me during the cold dark period.

The supplements include, Enduralytes, Endurance Amino, and Anti-Fatigue.  I’ll be taking a dose of these every hour.  I have found my body likes the Enduralytes twice an hour, and prevents cramps.

All of this fuel includes complex sugars, which is good because it slowly enters the system.  I’ve found that some simple sugars  really help me around the 4hr mark.  I’m not sure how I’ll get this yet.  It may be in a non-hammer gel form, the fruit, jelly, or a Coke or other soda.

This combination works well for me, but may not for others.  It’s important to figure out what your body wants in long rides and races.   Having the right fuel for your body will help you complete your goals and feel strong throughout.

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  1. Great post – easy to understand, to the point and clear. It definitely gives me some ideas on things to try.


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