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MSC #4, Wildflower Rush


Here is the long overdue report from the Wildflower Rush, on June 20.  This race was a complete disappointment for me.  I still had fun on the course, but as far as the race went it is not what I had expected.  Traditionally the course is a 10 mile loop which takes me about 55 minutes per lap, with three laps I had just under three hours racing.  This was to be a prep for some longer races in July

This year they changed the course quite a bit,  but with the original layout, it would still be at least 1 hr per lap, with three laps.   I was happy with the changes they made.  However, the promoter decided it would take too long and to race the course was shortened to 7miles and 40-45min laps.

For me, I enjoyed the race and the course.  However, it wasn’t my day in the race.  I couldn’t get the speed and power on the long climb to the top of the course.  I was able to make up some time and places on the downhill, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the time I lost on the climbs.   I was disappointed because I had high expectations.  The last two years I got a 4th and 5th place, and I thought I could do that again.  This year I placed 14th.

Many thoughts went through my head as to why my placing was poor.  My previous races didn’t indicated my fitness was lacking, it anything I felt that my fitness has improved since the last races in May. Did I have enough rest and the right nutrition? I had felt great, and didn’t deviate from my normal eating plan.  Could it be my new bike?  It felt fine, but there are always those finite  changed to optimize the power and speed, specially for climbing.

At the end I just realized it was not my day.  This happens to every racer, professional and amateur.    The only think to do is try again.  On to the next week of training, and race.

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