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More snow – hitting the trainer

Eh!  We got another 8″ of snow on Saturday and Sunday.  That changed my places for a nice road long rode ride this weekend.    As far as Saturday went, my legs were still cooked from the 110miles on Wednesday, and the hard weight room session I had on Friday.   To get the legs loosened up a little I did a fast easy spin on the trainer.  This help get the blood flowing and they started to feel much better.

Looks like I’ll be stuck on the trainer for a another week or more.  Certainly no MTB rides will be had in the hills any time soon, at least not on the singletrack.

Sunday I only had a little time to workout, and the roads were covered with snow and ice. I decided my workout would be some Steady State Intervals in zone 3.   I ended up doing  3 12 min interval at zone 3,then recover for 8 min at zone 1-2.   This workout ended up being 1:15hr. Afterward, I did my Core Workout.

I’m hoping the snow melts fast.  I’m not ready for the trainer yet.

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