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Great Snow today

Being out of a job has it’s perks.   Eldora has had over a foot of snow in the last couple of days, and I had to go check it out.  The weather at the house was nice, no wind and sunny, but 5 decrees.  Eldora called for a high of 20 decrees, and with no wind, that’s not too bad for January.   I got to the top of the first run by 10:30.   The snow was light and soft, and lots of it.  I would argue today was the best snow Eldora has had this year.     I hit all the back side slopes, West Ridge, Salto Glades, Moose Glades, and Bryan Glades, each one was awesome, I would have stayed longer, but my legs were getting pretty tired after 12 runs.

My legs were still a little tired from the Steady State intervals I did this morning before heading out.  I busted out 3 10 minute intervals with 8 min recovery in between for a total of 1 hr.  I also did a core workout.   I should sleep well tonight.

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