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Got some snow? Go skiing!

That’s what I did today.  There wasn’t snow much at the house, but Eldora claimed 6in over the last two days.

The snow was a little wet for this time of year, but there was no wind and it was 30 decrees.  After skiing some double black runs, and beating my legs to a pulp, the kids met up with me to do some blue runs and a new favorite of Alex’s, Psychopath.  Psychopath is a bumpy black run, not too long.  He zips down it like it was a groomed blue.  His brave sister follows behind with a little trouble, but both are down safely.

Before leaving to ski this morning, I did 1hr on the training with fast spinning, 95-100 rpm, in a low HR.  Then I did a core workout.

The kids are away at a friends house tonight, so Christine and I are having a date night.  No report on that, sorry!

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