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Another beautyful day in the foothills

Wow, we are going on something like five days of spring like weather in the Front Range foothills and it’s mid January! We have been getting lots of sun, and the temps have been in the high 40’s.   Instead of doing the 3×3 intervals on the plan today, I had the opportunity to get out on the road.   And I’m glad I did.

I rode out to Nederland and then back.  I think I beat my fastest time getting there, from the house to the B and F market, it took me 47:34.  I believe I haven’t broke 50 minutes yet, I’ll have to check my records.  On the way there was some head and side wind gusts, but nothing like I had on Sunday.    Heading out to Ned is mostly downhill with some punchy climbs.  We start at 9150 elv, and go down to 8200 something, then I turnaround and go back up.  Lots of short climbs, and little recover between.  It’s a great workout.  I kept myself in the zone 3 and 4 area.  Riding time was 1:52, 30 miles and 3500 feet ascent.

This ride was on top of my strength training this AM with weights.  I’ll talk about my strength program another time.  gotta get to work.


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