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A little mud, a little Snow

It’s been warmer the normal up here and a while since I we’ve had some snow so I went out to look for what trails might be ridable.  There is a nice loop in Golden Gate Canyon State Park I like to do which is mostly south facing, so I figured that will be mostly clear.   The trails were Elk to Mule Dear and Blue Grouse.

Elk is still covered in snow, and thick in mud in shaded areas, so this wasn’t a fun as I was hoping.  However, once I got on to Mule Dear it was all clear, except for a few fallen trees from the heavy winds we’ve add.  The climb is all singletrack and very technical.  There are some steep areas which are very loose, and some areas which have some boulders to step up and over.  I wasn’t able to ride the whole thing without touching or getting off because of the trees. My tires were wet from small patches of snow/ice and getting over the steps was tricky.  After getting to the top I turned around and headed back down.  It’s a very fun downhill, but with all the drops and switchbacks it’s not fast.  Halfway down I continued down the Blue Grouse trail, then back home.  The ride home is a 3 mile climb with 6-12% grades on asphalt.  it’s a moderate climb and provides a nice finish to the workout.

In total, the ride was 1.5hrs, mostly in zone 2, with a little in zone 3 and 4 and some climbing.

Today was also a double header.  I did a strength workout this morning at the gym.

  • Leg Press 5 sets of 15 160 lbs
  • Knee Extension 4 sets of 15 120lbs
  • Leg Extension 4 sets of 15 120 lbs
  • Chest Press 3 sets 120lbs
  • Curl 3 sets 24lbs
  • Shoulder Pull 3 sets 120lbs
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