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Winter Park Series is done

Sorry folks for being behind in my posts.

August 29th was the last race for the Winter Park Series with the King of the Rockies.  This race is super fun.  From the first time I raced this course, in 2006, I’ve done every one since.  This year, my fourth attempt felt like my best performance.   In 2007, I got third place, in sport 35-39.  This year I got 6th in Expert 40-44.   Though not as good a third place, the pace was much faster.  The course was changed slightly from passed years, removing a good little climb  toward the end, so comparing my time was tough.   I’m sure I was at least a min faster then last year, maybe two mintues.

I was also pleased that I passed most of people that have been finishing a head of me this year.  This helped bring me closer the top of the over all series results.  I ended up in 4th over all for the series, 7 points from 3rd place.  I know that if I finished in my the top 6/7 like I have the rest of the series in the 5th race I would have been third over all.  In feburary, I wrote down my goal to be top 5.  I was pleased to exceed that goal.

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