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Winter Park #2, Super Loop

I’ve been busy trying to keep up with work, training, and of course keeping this site alive.   I’m going to make this entry quick and describe a couple of highlights from this race.

First of all, this was the most fun course yet this season.  It has excellent single track, great climbs and of course the super fun winter park single track.  Everyone I talked to said they had a place.  On top of a great course, the Winter Park crew did a great job as usual putting on the race.

For me, I wasn’t sure how I’d do because my Created Butte appearance didn’t go so well.  However after my bike fit, I did feel better on the bike and it seemed like I had my power back.

Amazingly, I had a great start, at the top of the hill climb and into the single track I was in 6th place.  I felt really good and knew it was going to be a good day.   However, once into the singletrack and the muddy sections I had a hard time.  I lost my balance two or three times, each time a couple of guys in my class would come by.   Once out of the mud, I was able to make up good time, and catch then pass everyone that had passed me.  I figured I lost about 1 minute to my mishaps.

I finished 6th, around one minute behind 5th place, and not too far from the podium spot.

Also worth mentioning, my good friend Timmy C came out to visit me.  He came from sea level with a single speed to race Winter Park.  I didn’t know his fitness, but I knew no matter how fit he was he would have a good time, but also suffer.   He finished 10th, which is respectful considering he didn’t have time to acclimate, never ridden the trails and has only been riding single speed since March 2009.

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