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White Ranch before the storm

Doing a little catchup here.

We got a pretty big spring snow storm this week.  At the house we got about 10 inches, but in other parts there were 12-20 inches.   But before the storm came on Wednesday Night, on Tuesday I got a good MTB ride in.

I rode at White Ranch, wanting to do a Force Workout.  I rode up the Belcher Hill Rd in zone 3, and using a little harder gear then usual.   I was only able to ride for about 1.5hr, so I had to make the best of my time.  After getting to the top, I looped back down to the bottom of the Belcher Hill Single Track and rode back up, again using a harder gear.

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The rest of the week has been on the trainer because of lack of time.  I did a couple of fast spinning rides to improve my speed and efficiency, and a couple of Temp rides, 2×20 min at zone 3.

I’ve only got 7 hrs in, and I need to ride 4 more hours to get my 11 I had planned for the week.   I don’t think I can focus long enough to get 4 hrs in two days on the trainer, so I’ll try to ride 2-3hrs on the road, as long as the ice and snow is gone.

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