Coaching Setup

Thank you for selecting MTBCoach to assist you in your training and racing goals.  On this page there are a few actions for you to follow.  After we receive payment and the steps below are completed we can begin setting up your training plan and other coaching services you have signed up for.

Interview Form

The interview form will help us understand your abilities and goals as your coach.  Click here to continue with the Interview Form.

Training Peaks

MTBCoach uses to deliver workouts in customized training plans and personal coaching.  This site has powerful tools for coaching and athletes.  Please signup for a free Basic edition.  After you have created your account, click on the below link or paste it in your browser address field to connect our accounts.

Optional: It would be helpful to see your training history.  Upload as much of your training history as possible to TrainingPeaks.  Here is a post to help you sync/transfer your workouts from other sites to TrainingPeaks.

Strava (optional)

Join the private MTBCoach Strava Club to see how you compare to other MTBCoach Athletes and give your coach greater insight on your gains by viewing your Strava Segments and Achievements

Equipment you’ll need

  • One well-working bike you will be using training and racing
  • Cycling Helmet
  • Device to record your workout sessions.  We love Garmin products. For cycling Edge 500/800 series.  For multisport there are many options so ask your coach about his/her recommendation.
  • Heart rate monitor which is compatible with TrainingPeaks (see the list here)
  • A power meter is optional but recommended and advantageous
  • Indoor trainer if you plan to workout indoors
  • Yoga Mat
  • Foam Roller for self-massage and regeneration (I recommend this one.)
  • Balance Ball for core sessions (I recommend this one, but find the size that fits you)
  • Access to Gym or gym equipment at minimum kettle bells and platform for box jumps
  • Elevated Legs (optional) compression legs, great for recovery and keeping legs fresh.

Sign Liability Waiver

Our insurance company requires that we get a signed liability waiver from each of our athletes. The workouts in your training plan are not dangerous, but riding a bicycle is.  This waiver excludes MTBCoach LLC from any incident that may occur while using our training plan or service.  Please ride responsibly!

Look for an email from to download the waiver or sign it electronically. If you download it, you can sign, then scan and send it to or snail mail it to the address at the bottom of the waiver.   Let us know if you have any questions about it.


If you already paid for the coaching service through the website thank you!  If you haven’t we’ll email you an invoice. Look for an email from AthleteOne, our billing service application.  You will be able to set up automatic payments using a credit card or pay directly out of your bank account.  Payments will continue until you ask us to cancel.  Once payment is made, and we receive the forms above, we will start working on your training plan.

Field Test

If you haven’t done a field test in the last couple of months or are unsure of your LTHR or FTP values then you should do a test before you start the plan.  Our plans include workouts that use training zones to indicate intensity based on LTHR and FTP from a standard field test.   Follow the field test instructions.

Coaching Terms and Conditions

By purchasing one of our coaching plans you agree to the Coaching Terms and Conditions.

Thank you!

Choosing a coach is a big decision. Thank you for choosing me to help you reach your goals.  We are 100% behind you.  Please feel free to contact us throughout your plan if you have questions, comment or concerns.

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