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Riding on snow

On the MTB again today.  I’m still on my rest week, so I was limiting my time and intensity on the bike.  I went out to do a loop I normally can’t do until April.   At the higher elevations there was some patches of snow, but it wasn’t deep or soft enough to stop me.  I was able to ride right over it.   On the North facing slopes there was still a great deal of snow, but it was downhill and also hard packed, so I was able to ride right this section also.  Some of the sections of these trails are really rough, with lots of big rocks.  With the snow covering them, it was really smooth.  I kept the speed down because I didn’t know if I would hit a patch of ice or a sink hole, which I didn’t.

It was so fun to be able to do a complete loop on some of my favorite trails.  The added element with the snow made it like a new trail.   I look forward to riding it again.  I won’t be long before some of the other trails are open. wahoo!

You can see  my route and elevation by viewing my training peaks workout.  Click the link below.

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