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Rest week complete

This past week was another rest week for me.  I needed it.  I felt tired after the previous Build 1 phase.  So I reduced my volume on the bike, but got a good two days of high intensity.

  • Monday – In the AM I did a strength workout.  I could feel my legs were still tired from the previous Saturday Race, but it still felt good to get the workout in.  In the afternoon I took and EASY 1.5 hr MTB ride.  I wanted to scout out some trails that have had a lot of snow.  They are CLEAR now!
  • Tuesday – I did absolutely nothing on the bike or weights.  A full rest day!
  • Wednesday – I needed to start preparing for Build 2 phase, so I did 3x6min Hill Repeats.  They were hard, but I know this will help my campaign later when we start the climbing.  The Hill repeats included 3 6 minutes climbs at zone 4.5 or higher.  This will build my LT and power for climbing.
  • Thursday – A 1.75 hr ride on the road to Ned and Back. I kept it in zone 2 for most of the ride.
  • Friday – Another MTB ride to scout out more trails.  I hit the hills hard, and had fun on the descents.  The north facing trails are now clear.  They are still a little wet, and there are a LOT of downed trees.
  • Saturday – In the AM I did a strength  workout, and included the upper body too.  I try to do the upper body once a week.  This really helps with my control on the bike for downhills and also for maneuvering the technical sections.   I also had a bike fit to get me positioned right on my new road bike.   To complete the day, I took the kids for a ride in town on the Boulder Creek trail.  For me it was REALLY slow, but it was a good spin and the kids enjoyed it.
  • Sunday- Wondervue GGC loop
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