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Peak to Peak – Base Ride

I had a long hard ride on Sunday, MLK Eve.  The goal was to ride at least 4 hrs, but longer if I felt ok and the weather held up.  I ended up riding. the Peak to Peak, From Near Black Hawk, CO to HWY 7, then back.  There are a lot of climbs and very little if any flat locations.  With each hill I climbed, there was some down hill, but the recover during the decent only lasted a few minutes at most, where the climbs lasted 10-20 min mostly and one 45 min.

  • 73 miles
  • 7500 ft climbing
  • 6300 cal burn
  • 4:55hrs

I used two bottles of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem (1 serving each) and two Clif bars (yum).

Peak To Peak

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