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Ouch! Test day

I did my first LT Test of the season. Man,these things SUCK!. At least this early, they really hurt.   I will need another month or two before I feel I can do one of these and get a good number.  What I mean by this is that the first 20 minutes I was pushing to hard of gear.  Once I got into the last 12 mintes or so, I realized my cadence was slowing along with my speed.  My cadence was around 90 rpm, droping down to the high 80’s.   I went to one lower gear and was able to hit the high 90’s to 100, and was able to keep my heart rate where I wanted it.  the last few minutes I was above the LT I’d been training at, 157, and hit a high of 162.  I thought I would have an average of 158, but I ended with 156.   I think If I would have used the faster cadence from the beginning I would have done better.

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