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Old Rollins Pass Road

I did a big ride up to the top of Old Rollins Pass road  with a couple of friends on Sunday.  The weather held up for us, as we were expecting a storm to come in.  Looking to the west it looked pretty scary since we stood 11500 feet with no cover.

Before getting to the foot of Old Rollins Pass Rd, we topped 10500 twice with some pretty good climbs to get there.

The climb from the bottom of Old Rollins Pass Rd is around 9000 ft, and climbs for 13 miles up to 11400.  It took us about 1:30 to get to the top.  We had a good pace going, especially when we got a good tailwind, which didn’t last long.

To get back home, we rode back down the road all the way to Rollinsville, then hit the pavement for 8.5 miles. See the google map below.

  • 60 miles
  • 5:13hrs
  • 6700ft of climbing
  • 1 mechanical (a flat)
  • 3 sore butts


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