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Improve MTB Race Starts

mtb starts
MTB Starts Interval

MTB Start intervals are a great way to improve your race starts.   These workouts are an all out effort for 1-2 min, then zone 4-5 for 10 min.  These will improve your speed at MTB races, either XC, Endurance, or 2-4 person relay events.

This chart shows a recent workout from a client.  The session lasted two hours with 4 intervals.  Each interval included 1 min of power zone 6, 120% FTP, and then 10 min of  105% FTP, then rest 10 min between intervals.

The graph shows the power (yellow) and heart rate (red). The spike at the beginning of reach interval is the 1 min zone 6.  The rest is averaging 105% FTP.  You can see a slight drop of the power and heart rate in the middle, this was from a decline on the course the interval was done on.  Even with little deviation, the power was still right at 105% FTP.

If you are looking for a boost in your race starts, this is a good session to try.  You should do at least 4 sessions leading up to the A or B race, but no more then one a week.  It’s best to do these earlier in the week and when fresh.  Allow for a recovery day (off or easy riding) after this session if racing the same week, or if you race Masters (40+).


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